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No celebration is complete without delicious food and a warm welcome. And we understand that more than anyone else! Pugalia Caterers has risen to be among the top favourites of people not just within India but beyond – and there’s a good reason for it! Our understanding of vegetarian cuisines, our innovative bend of mind that ensures we customize every dish as per your event theme and our focus on warm-hearted service that leaves a wide smile on your guest’s face – all of this comes together to create an experience to remember!

Here are the top reasons for making Pugalia the caterers of choice for your next big celebration:


Unmatched Food Quality:

Our vegetarian cuisines are delicious, high quality and handpicked to sit every occasion!


Attractive Food Presentation:

We are known for our stunning food presentations, complete with handpicked crockery to suit the unique event theme!


Perfect Cuisine Innovation:

We take the liberty of experimenting and innovating the vegetarian cuisines that we serve, so that your guests always have something new to look forward to!


Customised Food Preparation:

Every event has a different vibe and theme and we customise our delicious preparations accordingly, so that you get the finest experience!


Courteous Service:

We pick only skilled and courteous staff and train them well, so that they attend to your guests and make them feel welcome!


Wide Experience: :

With our extensive national as well as international catering experiences, we are well prepared for every kind of event!

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