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Our journey began when Mr Sudarshan Pugalia decided to turn his entrepreneurial vision into a reality. Since then, 13 years have passed and today Pugalia Caterers is among the most sought-after names when it comes to the biggest & grandest events. Our reputation for serving delectable vegetarian food , customising unique cuisines and providing excellent hospitality often precedes us.

For us at Pugalia, catering is much more than a mere service. We understand how important the celebrations are in our client’s life and hence, we make it our mission to make it even more special. We tweak our cuisines as per the event themes, and prepare each item with meticulous detail and lots of happiness – which becomes evident in the wonderful presentation of our foods – for which we have been complimented numerous times! Being a part of celebrations across five star venues in various cities in India, like Mysore, Bangalore, Jaipur, Bhubaneshwar, Bikaner, Raipur, Mathura, Puri, Cuttack and also in international waters like Pattaya, Thailand has given us the chance to not only expand our culinary expertise but also spread the joy of delicious food far and wide! Nothing makes us happier than delivering much more than what our clients expected of us, and thereby garnering a plethora of word-of-mouth compliments from their impressed guests! Our effort to ensure every celebration of yours turns out to be unforgettable has continued with our exclusive tie-ups with high-end banquets like Orchid Garden. It’s the spirit of truly caring about your big day and ensuring that it is nothing short of perfect that has made us who we are today – and we intend to maintain that for decades to come!


Sudarshan Pugalia

Behind the glorious success of Pugalia Caterers is a down to earth man with an unbeatable entrepreneurial spirit that, by grace of God and the blessings of his parents, transcended every obstacle and came out shining! Sudarshan Pugalia ventured into the food industry with no prior experience but with an understanding of the value of customer service, maintaining relationships and never compromising on quality – which soon became the cornerstones of the Pugalia experience! A major breakthrough came when Pugalia catered for the Lok Sanskriti mela in Kolkata, thus introducing large number of Kolkata residents to the brand – and soon enough, the company earned rapid fame for its delicious vegetarian fare, gorgeous presentations and professional service. As Sudarshan Pugalia’s reputation spread, he won many national contracts for major events such as Ambuja Cement, ICAI, ICSI. Today, Pugalia has left its footprint across celebrations pan India and also internationally, and Sudarshan is truly the innovator and leader extraordinaire who has been and still is the guiding light for the company. It is his passion for delivering personalized customer service that has made Pugalia stand apart and he follows this winning mantra till date, by personally visiting every client, to ensure that they have the best possible experience!

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