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Pugalia Caterers is one of the leading catering and event planning companies in Kolkata. Experts in organizing events with exquisite catering. The Company has successfully made their presence felt across India, and in luxury international destinations like Pattaya and Thailand. In Kolkata they are associated with luxury cruise Vivada and top notch corporate clients like Ambuja Cement, ICAI, ICSI.

Pugalia Caterers won accolades for being part of a major event in Kolkata: The Lok Sanskriti Mela. Their superb handling of the event with one of the finest vegetarian menus, ever presented in Kolkata, won them the admiration of all. A city passionately in love with food gave their approval to Pugalia caterers. That’s definitely a huge honour.

What makes Pugalia Caterers the best is their ability to come up with innovations and their amazing versatility to present a fantastic range of vegetarian cuisine. Their passion and immense dedication to make each and every event a brilliant success. A very personalized touch blended with beauty and splendour in their presentations. From mega events to select boutique events Pugalia Caterers makes every occasion and celebration stand out with their immaculate professionalism and shining service.


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